YEG Academy: A Career Building Platform in The Field of Aviation

Source: Bernama

YEG Academy: A Career Building Platform in The Field of Aviation

By: Michelle Liew

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world previously had a major impact on various industries including aviation.

However, after the world gradually recovered from the epidemic, the aviation industry is now coming back to 'life' by offering various job opportunities.

In looking for new talents who have skills in the industry, YEG Academy (M) Sdn. Bhd. (YEG Academy) in collaboration with an Aviation and Hospitality School, Meatech College has organized the Aviation Career Malaysia (ACM) program.

The aim of the program is to highlight studies in the field of aviation which is growing and becoming an attraction for many young people today.

Marketing Director of YEG Academy, Azizulhakim Suhaimi said he found that many students who graduated from Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) were not interested in continuing their studies because they were interested in pursuing the working life instead.

According to him, since the aviation industry is now recovering, he took the initiative to organize the ACM program by highlighting diplomas in the field of aviation.

"ACM is a learning continuation platform that has been innovated to be more relevant to SPM graduates.

"This diploma in aviation can provide the best experience and skills. This indirectly gives SPM graduates an advantage to compete in the industry," he said.

Many airlines need more skilled workers to fill job vacancies. Azizulhakim explained that they established cooperation with Meatech College to enable the program to be implemented successfully.

"Meatech College has expertise in offering studies in the field of aviation for a long time. Our task is to find students who are interested in continuing their studies in this field. Students will be sent to college and they will study according to their respective fields of study. After graduation, they will be released to the industry," he explained.

Meanwhile, Director of the School of Aviation and Hospitality, Meatech College, Che Rozaina Azizan said, the college has been in the education and training industry for 20 years.

She stated that the college has successfully trained many students from both domestic and foreign countries to meet the job market for the aviation sector.

According to him, the institution has also achieved accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Malaysian Technological Board for the programs offered.

"The programs we offer to students include Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technology, a Diploma in Cargo Management and a Diploma in Aviation Operations Management.

"In addition, we have been commissioned by the Skills Development Department (JPK). This allows us to offer the Malaysian Skills Certification Program for accredited training and short-term training," she explained.

Many students who took up training there managed to get jobs in leading local and international airlines.