Wu Kang-ren Triumphs at the 60th Golden Horse Awards: A Celebration of Abang Adik's Success

Source: Daily News

Wu Kang-ren Triumphs at the 60th Golden Horse Awards: A Celebration of Abang Adik's Success

BY: Michelle Liew

In a momentous evening at the 60th Golden Horse Awards, Taiwanese actor Wu Kang-ren emerged as the Best Actor for his remarkable portrayal of Abang in the Malaysian film "Abang Adik." Directed by the talented Malaysian filmmaker Jin Ong, the movie unfolds a poignant narrative of two grown-up orphan brothers navigating the challenges of survival as undocumented Malaysians.

The Golden Horse Awards, often dubbed as the Chinese-language Oscars, took place at the Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, honouring the best in the film industry. Wu Kang-ren's win not only underscores his exceptional talent but also brings attention to the success of "Abang Adik" on the international stage.

The film received a total of seven nominations, a testament to its excellence in various aspects of filmmaking. Among the nominated categories were Best New Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Performer, Best Cinematography, Best Original Film Song, and Best Makeup & Costume Design. The widespread recognition at the Golden Horse Awards further solidifies "Abang Adik" as a noteworthy contribution to Asian cinema.

In his emotional acceptance speech, Wu Kang-ren expressed his gratitude to the Malaysian cast and crew, particularly director Jin Ong, for crafting a narrative imbued with love and allowing a Taiwanese actor to play a pivotal role. The actor's sincerity shone through as he recounted the serendipity of meeting the Malaysian team in a foreign land.

"Meeting all of you in Malaysia, a foreign land, was truly wonderful serendipity," Wu declared, acknowledging the unique experience of collaborating with a team that brought authenticity and depth to the film's storyline.

Wu Kang-ren also extended his appreciation to his Malaysian co-star, Jack Tan, for his support and assistance during the filming process in Malaysia. Overcoming language barriers and fostering a collaborative spirit, the duo's on-screen chemistry undoubtedly contributed to the success of "Abang Adik."

The film's themes of brotherhood, survival, and the plight of undocumented individuals struck a chord with both audiences and critics alike. Director Jin Ong's vision, coupled with the outstanding performances of the cast, has propelled "Abang Adik" into the spotlight, showcasing the rich storytelling that Asian cinema has to offer.

As the Golden Horse Awards celebrated its 60th edition, the recognition bestowed upon "Abang Adik" signifies a broader acknowledgment of the diversity and talent within the Asian film industry. Wu Kang-ren's win not only brings honour to his own craft but also serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts that transcend borders and cultures in creating impactful cinematic experiences.

"Abang Adik" has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape, and with Wu Kang-ren's Best Actor award, the film stands as a testament to the power of storytelling that bridges nations and resonates with audiences worldwide.