Wonder Woman 1984: GSC urges Malaysians to watch the movie legally after Netizen shares “illegal” experience


Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) through its Facebook account, has urged Malaysians to do the right thing, by watching “Wonder Woman 1984” legally.

This comes after GSC shared a picture of a Netizen claiming to have watched the Warner Bros. sequel at home.

The GSC post read, “That doesn’t mean what you do is right, and you don’t have to post it online. Stop making excuses and promote piracy. WRONG IS WRONG. When you eat at a restaurant without paying, you don’t post online and say, I ate at a restaurant today and I didn’t pay HAHA. But for pirated content why are you being so proud to do so?

It went on, “HBO MAX is now only available for the US Market. You can say you legally subscribed to a VPN for HBO MAX but it doesn’t mean that it’s right.

“Things are more complicated than you think. And how did you subscribe to HBO MAX? It requires a US Credit Card. So magically a lot of people seem to have a US credit card.

(Images via GSCinemas/Facebook)

(Images via GSCinemas/Facebook)

(Images via GSCinemas/Facebook)

(Images via GSCinemas/Facebook)

The GSC post has garnered a lot of attention on social media and also sparked a debate if watching the movie “illegally” was okay because of Covid-19 restrictions. WW84, which according to Business Insider, earned just $38.5 million internationally over the weekend ahead of its debut in the US on Friday, in theatres and through streams on HBO Max simultaneously.

Many theatres around the world are still closed due to the pandemic.

One social media user responded, “I stay in PJ area and want to watch Wonder Woman 1984, do you want me to travel all the way to Putrajaya to support you despite the number of cases increasing day by day?

Another user said the decision to watch the movie legally boiled down to Education.

Education>Regulation. Demand for piracy will always be there. It’s all up to educating the people to do the right thing rather than regulating this intensively.

The debate rages on.

We at GoodNews, urge all Malaysians to watch the blockbuster legally, despite the temptations to use technology as a workaround, as many industries are badly impacted by the pandemic, including Art and Film.