Woman Grab Food Walker – an inspiration to all

A woman who became a Grab Food Walker to make ends meet has won admiration and praise from netizens.

Unlike others, she has to take her two kids along with her to work.

Based on a video uploaded by @aisha.h_ammar.h, she brings her kids along using a hand trolley.

“So I joined Grab, a job that I can do and bring the kids along at my own time and target. May Allah ease all of our affairs,” she says.

Her TikTok video has since gone viral and won praises from netizens who admired her strength and determination.

“I love this! this is a good example to shoe people who have 1,001 excuses not to work and depend on handouts fully. U go mama!!”, wrote one netizen.

Another said “Your children are so blessed to have you as their mom. They will definitely grow up to be amazing people.”