What We Call Ultimate Friendship Goals!

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Let’s face it, break-ups are difficult.

Whether you are experiencing it yourself or witnessing a close one go through it, break-ups can be a painful ordeal.

However, having a group of close friends as your support system definitely comes in handy!

Twitter user, NikkiZamri recently opened up about a friend having a tough time dealing with a break-up – “Sedih aku tgk mmbr kwn aku ni, broken teruk but at the same time terhibur tgk ada nyanyian live drpd mmbr sendiri. You’ll find the right partner soon, time will heal!” 

(English translation)

“I’m saddened to see how broken my friend is but at the same time I’m happy that another friend is trying to cheer him up. “You will find the right partner soon. Time will heal.”

Along with the viral tweet, NikkiZamri posted a video of her friends attempting to cheer up their heartbroken friend. In the clip, the guys can be heard singing a range of popular break-up tunes to their friend who was in bed.

Ranging from songs by Dato’s Siti Nurhaliza to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, the serenade parade seemed to have worked as the friend in question looked a lot happier by the end of the second clip!

Many Netizens reacted positively upon watching the clip. Some shared their words of encouragement, while others had some hilarious things to say.

Check out some of the comments below. 

Source: Twitter/ @hanim_khairi

Source: Twitter/ @hanim_khairi

“He is fortunate to have a friend that is supportive and a sweet voice in times like this,” wrote @hanim_khairi.

Twitter user @nrlhmzhhh on the other hand, was impressed by the tidiness and cleanliness of the room!

Source: Twitter/@nrlhmzhh

Source: Twitter/@nrlhmzhh

Jokes aside, it is nice to see friends being there for one another in trying times. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!


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