UTeM Empowers Technical Students with Glam Touch: Make Me Beautiful Program

Source: Kosmo

UTeM Empowers Technical Students with Glam Touch: Make Me Beautiful Program

BY: Michelle Liew

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) is taking strides to enhance the self-image and personality development of its technical students, aiming to instill confidence, credibility, and attractiveness in their professional pursuits. In a recent initiative, 100 UTeM students and a select group of Melaka residents participated in the "Glam Touch: Make Me Beautiful" program.

Organized by the Student Residence College Committee (Jaksis) Satria (Lekiu) UTeM, the program took place at a hotel in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Nur Maizatull Hafyfa Ahmad Tajudin, the Principal of UTeM's Satria Student Residence College (Lekiu), expressed enthusiasm about the program, emphasizing its value in honing the skills and talents of UTeM students in the art of makeup application.

"This program is a valuable platform for UTeM students to develop their skills and become well-rounded technical professionals with attractive personalities," said Nur Maizatull Hafyfa Ahmad Tajudin. Beauty consultant Ismaliza Ismail guided the participants, offering insights into correct makeup techniques and the basics of facial skincare post-application.

Participating students, especially those studying technical fields, gained exposure to the transformative power of makeup not just aesthetically but also in boosting self-confidence when engaging with the public.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) of UTeM, Associate Professor Datuk Dr. Sabri Mohamad Sharif, praised the program's focused approach, noting its potential to motivate and elevate the self-confidence of UTeM students. He emphasized that the "Glam Touch: Make Me Beautiful" program aligns with UTeM's commitment to fostering agility, superiority, adaptability, and holistic development in its students.

The inaugural program received an encouraging response from students and the general public in Melaka, marking it as a unique initiative that stands out for its impact on personal and professional growth.

For participants like Ronaa Salmaa Habiiba, a 20-year-old Bachelor's Degree student in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), the program was an exciting introduction to skincare and makeup application. Ronaa shared, "Through this program, I was able to learn how to apply skincare products and apply makeup correctly. It can indirectly increase self-confidence to deal with people in the future."

As UTeM continues to pioneer initiatives for holistic student development, the "Glam Touch: Make Me Beautiful" program exemplifies the university's commitment to nurturing well-rounded and confident technical professionals.