Using crutches did not stop him from completing the 100m race

Using crutches did not stop him from completing the 100m race

BY: Patrick Beech

Using crutches did not stop 12-year-old Muhammad Aqil Naufal Zahiran from crossing the finish line for his 100m race. 

He accomplished this feat during the Jerantut school district meet recently. 

His teacher was at his side lending him support and encouragement every step of the way. 

He was competing in MSSD Jerantut for the Integrated Special Education Programmes (PPKI). 

Aqil, the eldest of two siblings, said he joined the race after much encouragement from his teacher and attended four days of training before race day. 

His left leg was amputated in 2015 following a bacterial infection, and he also lost his father two years ago. 

The teacher who supported him, Zulaikha Jusoh, 35, said she was proud of Aqil and before the race started, she told Aqil that she was not forcing him to win and just wanted him to participate in the activity. 

She decided to run alongside Aqil as a form of encouragement and didn’t expect Aqil to reach the finish line. 

Aqil’a mother, Noor Hafizah Mat Desa, 36, was not able to watch him race as she was held up at work, but Aqil’s teachers sent her pictures and videos of his race. Noor Hafizah was proud of her son and said he was her greatest motivator.