Usanita’s Latest Initiative Helps Women and the Disabled Become Better Entrepreneurs

By: Michelle Liew

Women, especially the B40 category and people with disabilities (OKU) will be provided with training through a combined program of on-demand learning (ODL) and training modules in an effort to empower their businesses in line with the rapid development of the digital world.

The program organized by Usanita Sdn Bhd (Usanita) aims to produce more entrepreneurs including small traders, generating a much more competitive environment and provide mutual support to strengthen their businesses.

Its Chief Executive Officer, Datin Adzliana Hasan, stated that Usanita wishes to cultivate entrepreneurial activities to improve economic value for women and its members.

"We give priority to the B40 group to develop their business. Entrepreneurs need to be strong when facing various challenges. Often, they struggle just to ensure that their business survives to keep up with future demands.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were affected until it affected their business.

Therefore, more women intend to improve their capabilities within the economic and social sectors to ensure that they enjoy a quality and prosperous life.

"Through this, entrepreneurs become more skilled and are able to identify what they want to learn. The selection of the right mentor will be able to help entrepreneurs achieve success up to the international level.

"Entrepreneurs should be wise to analyse their business needs. Mentors can help give advice, monitor entrepreneurs to build their brand better. At the same time, entrepreneurs will have to learn aspects of marketing, branding and financial management," she added.

Adzliana reassures that Usanita will listen and assist them by giving suggestions in tackling the problems faced by entrepreneurs.

"We encourage business women to help develop the national economy," she said.

Usanita was established at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering welfare and social services to their partners, mentors and members.

Half of the population in this country are women who are able to contribute to the rapid growth of the country's economy, including business. Therefore, she provided an e-commerce platform by collaborating with several celebrity entrepreneurs and related ministries.

"With this collaboration, they can expand the marketing of products and goods through e-Commerce.

"Collaboration with celebrities can also attract and convince consumers to buy and make product choices necessary.

"In addition, women are an easy group to train because they have an attitude of not giving up. Women are also creative, systematic, and easily multitask.

According to experts, there are more female graduates than male graduates. There is a lot of potential of women for women to help our country progress,” she stated.