"Uncle Cat" jumps into drain to save kittens

"Uncle Cat" jumps into drain to save kittens

BY: Patrick Beech

Recently, a local, Patrick Yee became an internet sensation as he braved heavy rains to save two kittens stuck in a drain.

In spite of its cries, passersby could not help as the drain’s cover was too heavy to lift. A group of firefighters were then called to the scene to rescue the animals.

However, since the firemen did not have the store owner's permission to break the drain cover, they could not do much to help the kittens.

However, as the situation became more tense and the rain worsened, Yee decided to get into the drain and rescue the kittens.

“Since the drain was filled with rubbish, worms, rats, what other options did we have?” wrote TikTok user, Noreenrizan, who detailed the whole incident online.

Fortunately, the kittens were saved by Yee. And upon its rescue, Noreenrizan took them home to bathe and feed them. She has also since put them up for adoption.

Known as “Uncle Cat” among locals, Yee regularly feeds the stray cats in Subang Jaya and buys cat food every morning from Noreenrizan, who owns a cat grooming centre.

Yee’s gesture and kind heart are certainly admirable and he has since received praise and thanks from numerous netizens.