Truly 1Malaysia lion dance wins praises

By: Patrick Beech

Malaysians have praised the performance of a lion dance routine by a hijab-clad Malay girl with her Chinese partner which surfaced online recently.

A TikTok video was posted online showing the two girls performing the lion dance routine during a competition.

"This is 1Malaysia," captioned the video which has currently gained over 2.3 million viewers.

Almost to the end of their dance, they revealed themselves for a bit and received loud cheers from the audience and then more loud cheering erupted as they finally unveiled themselves to be a Malay girl in a hijab and a Chinese girl.

Netizens were in awe and touched by the display of racial harmony seen in the well-executed lion dance, flooding the comments section with positive encouragement.

"This is how 1Malaysia truly is, living amongst different races and religions," a netizen quipped.