True grit and determination get him by

True grit and determination get him by

BY: Patrick Beech

Not one who waits for handouts or depends on others, Ariffin Ismail, a paraplegic since birth does almost everything on his own.

The self-employed 48-year-old uses his three-wheeler motorcycle which he bought on his own to go about his daily chores.

This includes paying all his bills and getting his daily essentials.

He moves about by dragging himself on the floor and absolutely refuses to take any handouts.

"It is my principle never to depend on anyone unless really necessary.

"I do not feel shy about moving about in public the way I am," he said.

The youngest of 10 siblings, Ariffin attributes his grit and gumption to his soldier father, who taught him valuable lessons.

Though he did face some difficulties while at school, he successfully completed his Form Five.

“I used to drag myself using my hands with a schoolbag on my back. There were a few students who used to mock me but, fortunately, most of them tried to help me whenever needed. The teachers, too, were kind to me,” he said.

He said he started working after school and saved enough to start a small catfish farm.

He now supplies to a regular trader and says he earned enough to survive and save a little.

"I am planning to get married soon if all goes well," he said.

Ariffin is also determined to set up a charity to help the needy and disabled one day. Right now, he said, he tries to help those in need in his village when possible.