Toilets Cleaned By Covid-19 Patients, Prompts Health Department Action

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As one particular saying would go, If no one else does it, do it yourself!

That was the case with four Covid-19 patients, at the Likas Covid-19 low-risk quarantine centre ,in Kota Kinabalu as reported by The Star Online.

Living in isolation, and tired of poor sanitary conditions, these patients decided to clean the bathrooms and toilets themselves. One of the patients involved posted their clean-up efforts on Facebook on 9 January 2021, while complaining about the conditions of the facilities at the complex.

“I understand that the frontliners are busy. It is ok, if you all don’t do it, we will do it,” he said in the post.

Three days after his post went viral, health officials stepped in and ramped up cleaning efforts of the bathrooms and toilets.

The patient then made another Facebook post on 12 January 2021, thanking the Health Department for the clean-up, and hoped that it would be continuous.

This goes to show that just because you have contracted the coronavirus, does not mean you are not strong to take up challenges, and make a change.

The hygiene conditions at the quarantine centre has been addressed by Datuk Dr. Christina Rundi, Sabah Health Department Director, who assured that the matter would be resolved.