TLC Malaysia Promotes Greener Environment and Future Sustainability

TLC Malaysia Promotes Greener Environment and Future Sustainability

BY: Michelle Liew

With the hot and dry weather hitting the country, many have urged for the need to plant more trees to reduce the effects of the hot weather.

Planting new trees can help absorb carbon dioxide from the air which ultimately reduces the effect of greenhouse gases.

As an effort towards a greener environment, The Truly Loving Company (TLC) Malaysia which is a company marketing environmentally friendly home cleaning products recently together with a non-governmental organization, the Free Tree Society organized planting and composting workshops organized in five charitable home fruits in Malaysia.

The workshop is to give exposure and inspiration to the public and the community to take care of our environment.

A total of five charitable homes in Malaysia have received donations totalling RM50,000 in the form of monetary donations and fruit trees.

The five charities involved are the Johor Bahru Association for the Care of Mentally Retarded Children, the National Stroke Association of Malaysia, Rumah Aman, Shelter Home for Children and the Down Syndrome Kiwanis Foundation - National Center.

The president of the Free Tree Society, Carolyn Lau, said the initiative was one of the organization's efforts to create a greener world.

"Every year, the Free Tree Society will distribute thousands of free plants and organize workshops for the community, young people and corporate groups.

"Since 2012, we have given away more than 52,000 plants as part of our commitment to create a greener world," she said.

Carolyn added, the Kelak Gelak campaign was created to give a message to the public about the importance of doing something to ensure that we can enjoy it in the future.

"Kelak Gelak is a Malay phrase that means 'to laugh later'. The message brought by this campaign is so that children can appreciate the experience of planting trees now and enjoy the results in the future," she explained.

The children-focused empowerment and education event was also to give participants the opportunity to participate in an interactive planting and composting workshop.

The workshops introduce participants to the basics of planting, tree watering techniques and the process and benefits of composting.

Each charity received a large donation of RM10,000 to support their mission in providing services to the community.

The founder who is also the Chief Executive Officer of TLC, Julia Chong emphasized the importance of promoting future sustainability.

"As we strive towards a green future, we must remember that our children deserve a sustainable and healthy world.

"This is why we are working with the Free Tree Society to provide fruit trees to homes and children's shelters.

"This not only helps build natural sustainability but also teaches the young generation how to appreciate and care about the green space around them," she explained.

Chong added, the steps may be seen as small, but each of our efforts at this time is valuable enough for a better future.