Three generations hold wedding reception on same day

Picture from NSTP

Three generations hold wedding reception on same day

BY: Patrick Beech

A father, daughter and granddaughter recently held their wedding receptions together in Kampung Melayu Raya, Pekan Nanas, Pontian, Johor.

 The trio from three generations were Ahmad Omar (father), his daughter, Rozita Ahmad and granddaughter, Nurhazimah Mohd Hussin.

 Ahmad, 80, sat with his partner, Juriah Misubani, 61; while Rozita, 45, was seated with her husband Mohd Yazid Ali, 44. Nurhazimah sat with her husband Mohamad Zulhaire Zakaria, 22.

 About 3,000 guests attended the wedding.

 Ahmad's wedding was on June 1, while Rozita's was on June 3, and Nurhazimah's had hers on June 30.

 The reception was at the house of Mohd Hussin Jambari, who is also Nurhazimah's father.

 Ahmad is a father of six with 15 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

 Guest, Robaniah Jamari, 60, said that the ceremony was unforgettable for the brides, grooms and guests.

 "This ceremony is unique and symbolises harmony in the family as well as the community," she said.