This New York Deli Takes Customer Service To A Whole New Level

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Customers at Lucky Candy in the Bronx located in New York City are in for a surprise!

Thanks to 20-year-old cashier, Ahmed Alwan who devised a game to play with shoppers. The rules are quite simple: Solve a simple math problem and you get to take any item off the shelves for FREE!

Speaking to CNN, Alwan said, “All I wanted to do was to help people. But, I wanted to make it fun. So I made a TikTok and chose a challenge, asking them a math question. It’s a way to entertain and educate people in need while putting a smile on their face, too.”

In his videos, Alwan can be heard asking customers simple math questions such as “What’s five times five?” and “If you have 10 apples minus four oranges, how much apples does that leave you with?”.

His countdowns for customers to grab free stuff is hilarious, too! “Five, four, three—not my cat!” he shouted at one man who answered correctly and you heard it right, tried to grab his cat.

Another customer who was quick thinking got a tray and piled up ice cream and bread.

As for his countdowns, Alwan is quite generous as he slows down the countdown with quarter counts to give customers more time to grab more items.

What a great way to get folks to do math!

After two weeks, his videos have gone viral with more than 300,000 followers on TikTok and 17,000 on Instagram!

At the end of the day, Alwan pays for everything out of his own pocket as a way of giving back to the less privileged around the area. Why? So that they have funds for higher priority expenses such as rent and utilities.

A student of Bronx Community College, Alwan who aspires to be a pharmacist has always been known for his generosity. His father, Saleh Aobad and owner of the shop said, when Alwan spots the homeless sleeping at the nearby train station or by the tracks on cold mornings, he offers them free coffee, bananas and muffins.

“It’s great to see him do good and help out the community, and most importantly represent Islam,” Saleh Aobad, a Yemeni immigrant, told CNN.

In a bid to spread positivity throughout the community, Alwan started a GoFundMe to fund his game and “to inspire others to always be kindhearted.”



Well done, Alwan! 

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