This Epic Disney Style Marriage Proposal Will Melt Hearts!

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Here’s a feel good story making its rounds on the Internet recently to make you smile this Thursday!

When it comes to marriage proposals, filmmaker Lee Loechler just raised the bar for the rest of the world to follow. He decided to propose to his high school sweetheart and now fiancée, Dr. Stuthi David in a unique way – an animated film featuring the both of them in his fiancee’s favourite Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty.

Over six months, Loechler worked with illustrator, Kayla Coombs to create the romantic proposal where Stuthi plays Princess Aurora and Loechler is Prince Phillip. The highlight of the film was definitely when the Prince awakens Aurora, at which point Loechler’s and Sthuthi’s portraits appeared. Another defining moment was the ring that “magically” emerged out of the screen and into Loechler’s hand and proposing to Stuthi in front of family and friends who were also the audience in the cinema!



Needless to say, Sthuthi was surprised and estatic by the turn of events and accepted the proposal without hesitation.

Watch the video below to witness Stuthi’s reaction and the defining moments of Loechler’s epic wedding proposal:

The video shared on YouTube has since gone viral and garnered attention from all over the world with 5,730,714 views to date.

A real-life fairy tale proposal, indeed!

*Edited by Archana Patrick

Featured image sourced from The Straits Times