The Putrajaya League 1000 Chess Tournament Unearths the Talents of Young People

By: Michelle Liew

The Under 12 League Putrajaya 1000 Chess Tournament which took place on Saturday successfully attracted the participation of 96 participants who attended wearing full traditional Malay clothing and traditional Japanese kimono.

The tournament organized by the Putrajaya Youth and Sports Department took place at the ChessMaths Training Center, Precinct 15.

Putrajaya Chess President Firdaus Ismail said the tournament could hone the skills and ability of children to master the game from a young age.

In great countries like the United States and Russia, children are exposed and trained to play chess as early as the age of five to compete at the world level.

"Apart from this tournament, we also created a special module to train them so that they can become backers and be able to compete at a higher level," he said.

Meanwhile, Universiti Putra Malaysia Teaching Hospital (HPUPM) Orthopedic Specialist Dr Azlan Sulaiman, who was present with his children Muhammad Danial, 9, and Arifah Auni, 11, said the game of chess has helped them a lot to form their identity and stimulate their thinking.

"Chess helps my children focus not only on this game but also in terms of learning at school.

"This is because chess educates them to always be on time, respect the laws of the game as well as teach them to control their emotions and take care of their opponents' hearts," he said.