The PPOBM Award Ceremony Celebrates the Success of Malaysia's Visually Impaired Community

By: Michelle Liew

The Malaysian Blind Development Organization (PPOBM) will be organizing the PPOBM Dinner and Awards at the end of this month.

The ceremony scheduled for February 22 is to celebrate and appreciate the efforts of this special group so that Malaysian society recognizes their success and gives them the opportunity to be part of the nation's pride.

The president of PPOBM, Mohammad Huzaifah Ahmad said the proceeds from the sale will be used for the needs of the visually impaired, especially in providing braille books.

"Many visually impaired people often drop out of education due to the relatively high cost of producing braille reading.

"The government has already helped but this is also part of our initiative to add reading material to them.

"In addition, we will also use the proceeds for various activities for the disabled in addition to helping with daily needs for those whose income is affected," he said at the award night press conference.

In the meantime, his party is targeting a collection of RM1 million in conjunction with the PPOBM Awards Night.

To make the collection a success, a table sale was also held and a target of 100 tables at a price as low as RM10,000 per table will be sold.

In the meantime, individual seats are also being sold at a price of RM1,000 per seat for those who are interested.

The dinner ceremony and PPOBM Awards will take place at Bangi Avenue Convention Centre, Selangor will also be graced with performances by artists such as Hafiz Suip and Adira Suhaimi.