The four-legged furry heroes of Batang Kali

By: Patrick Beech

Dogs have always been known to be man's best friend and have for years not only been a loyal, faithful companion, but also been used for various other purposes.

For example, dogs serve as guard dogs, sniffer dogs, some even serve in the army, help the blind and in a host of other roles.

Apart from the numerous search and rescue personnel involved in the Batang Kali landslide, dogs once again played a key role in the SAR activities.

While men and women worked tirelessly in the SAR efforts, so did six four-legged furry friends from the Fire and Rescue Services Department.

The six are Grouse, handled by Kenneth William and is a English Springer Spaniel, while the rest include Pop, also an English Springer Spaniel handled by Avlyanie Moidi and Denti, a Labrador Retriever handled by Tony Albert.

The other three dogs from the Bomba K-9 unit are Lady, a Labrador Retriever which is handled by Leroy Kirah; English Springer Spaniel, Blake, handled by Salbuddin Salleh and Frankie, also an English Springer Spaniel which is handled by Thivagaran Yutaman.

Also involved in the SAR are two more furry friends from the Royal Malaysian Police K-9 unit, Leo and Reed.

These dogs and their handlers have been working tirelessly to help in the SAR efforts and deserve all praise and encouragement for their work.

Picture 8 are Leo and Reed from the police K-9 unit.