The Deliverer! The Hero Who Saved 10 from Mumbai’s Hospital Inferno

By Lan KB

Sidhu Humanabade, a 20-year-old food delivery guy, was on his rounds on the streets of Andheri (E) in Mumbai, India on Dec 17 when he saw smoke bellowing out from upper floors of the government-run ESIC Kamgar Hospital.

He didn’t think twice on what he should do next. He immediately left his bike and asked the firemen if he can join in rescuing people.

Getting the necessary approval, he put his own life at risk by getting to the fourth floor of the building with the help of fire brigade’s ladder. He then proceeded to rescue some stranded patients and visitors.

In all, he managed to bring out 10 people to safety in two hours.

In doing this good deed, he choked on the smoke and is currently admitted at the Seven Hills Hospital.

“I joined the firemen in their rescue operation. Thankfully, the firemen allowed me to climb their ladder to reach the fourth floor. I broke the building’s glass with an axe and entered the premises.

“One patient slipped from my hand and fell down, but fortunately she survived,” Sidhu is reported as saying.

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