Teddy bear reunited with owner after being left behind on flight

Images from Virgin Australia Facebook

Teddy bear reunited with owner after being left behind on flightImages from Virgin Australia Facebook

BY: Patrick Beech

A missing teddy bear was recently reunited with its owner - but not before going on an adventure of its own!

According to Virgin Australia Airlines, the teddy bear was left behind on one of their flights to Perth.

"We’re sure there’s a "beary" upset little one at home missing their furry friend.

"If you’ve flown into Perth recently and seem to have lost one of your packs while travelling, this cuddly teddy bear has been on quite the adventure and is ready for a snuggle with its best friend," the airline wrote on its Facebook.

The airline also uploaded pictures of the teddy bear strapped to a passenger seat and even sitting in the cockpit.

After going viral on social media, the teddy bear was reunited with its owner a few hours later.

A little boy named "Harry" later came forward to collect his missing teddy bear.

"The update you've all been waiting for! Meet Harry, Teddy's "beary" happy little owner! We're sure Teddy will be getting lots of snuggles tonight," wrote the airline.