A woman recently spotted an elderly man and a girl stranded by the side of a highway with their motorcycle close to 11pm.

Noticing they were in trouble, Alessandra Ng decided to make a U-turn and approached them asking if she could assist.

It turned out later that the father and daughter were on their way to Malacca when the motorcycle ran out of engine oil.

The father needed desperately to get to a petrol station to purchase the oil for his motorcycle.

Alessandra offered to take him to the nearest station, but he refused and said he would walk there on his own.

She then advised him that it was not safe for him to leave his daughter alone and eventually he revealed that he did not have any money.

Realising why he had refused to go to the petrol station all this while, she offered to lend him the money he needed to get the engine oil.

The man, now in tears, then accepted the offer and they managed to get the engine oil and the duo were on their way.

Alessandra realised the man had all the while been too ashamed to accept her help.

She was glad she was able to assist father and daughter and in her Facebook post, reminded all Malaysians to always be ready to lend a hand to those in need.