Stellar UTM Graduate Wan Norsyafiqah Arinah Emphasises Importance of Education

Source: Kosmo

Stellar UTM Graduate Wan Norsyafiqah Arinah Emphasises Importance of Education

BY: Michelle Liew

Excellent results require hard work and determination. This is exactly how this young girl from Kluang, Johor went through in order to successfully obtain her First Class Honours in the Bachelor's Degree in Technical and Vocational Education at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

Wan Norsyafiqah Arinah Wan Norazmi immediately was offered direct admission (fast track) to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level studies at the university immediately after the end of the convocation. The 26-year-old girl accepted the offer and tried to finish her studies within three years.

Due to her outstanding academic achievement and performance, her parents gifted her a car as a sign of encouragement.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Arinah said that she is a person who values the importance of education since childhood. In fact, she has always been competitive in school in order to improve her grades.

"In between classes, I will try to complete all the schoolwork given to us so as not to waste time. My parents also emphasized the value of education since I was a child. They are the reason I value my education,” she said as quoted from Kosmo.

Apart of studting, Arinah makes use of her time doing business on campus.

"On campus, I am also active in business to supplement my pocket money by selling honey 'cornflakes' cakes," she added.

Despite her childhood dreams of wanting to pursue a career in the national security force, Arinah hopes to become one of the contributors in the field of education. She emphasised that this is because she sees the sector as the main core of development in this country. As such, she has continued her path in the field of education.