SPM in 100 Minutes: A’s All The Way!

When does one ever feel completely prepared to sit for an examination that determines your future?  

In the months leading up to my SPM exams, I remember listening to a constant loop of 2000s RnB albums while crouched over my study table, completing past year book after past year book. The stress, pressure and anxiety were all too real… 

As we navigate through this new phase of learning, I wonder, “Would it have been easier if I had access to online seminars and guided recordings when I was studying for SPM?” 

While it may be easy to say, “YES!”, these perks of online learning come with the detriments of a global pandemic. Covid-19 has robbed students of an ordinary schooling life, where they get to interact with teachers, hang out with friends and participate in extra-curricular activities.  

Although life has somewhat returned to normalcy, exams have been delayed, leading students to feel the excruciating pain of academic burn out. At times like these, self-studying and the usual rote learning are no longer effective. As an SPM student, rushing to revise in the final weeks before exams begin, you would definitely benefit from alternative methods of learning and studying. I know I would have! 

The Final Leg of the Race

In the past decade, SPMFlix.com,  Malaysia’s largest and most comprehensive FREE SPM education portal powered by BAC Education, has helped thousands of students ace their examinations! With yearly initiatves such as the SPM Seminar, SPMFlix is determined to ensure education is accessible to all. 

This year, the SPMFlix.com team realised that they can go a step further in helping students score their A’s. The batch of 2021 only has a few weeks left before exams commence and how they utilise this time is of utmost importance.  

The team mobilised its resources to organise the SPM in 100 Minutes series to help students with their final revision.  

The question is, why should you sign up?

This series will consist of 12 100-minute sessions, where experienced teachers will revise the fundamentals of each subject. The aim of these sessions is to ensure students are able to easily grasp the gist of their topics, simplifying the revision process.  

Revising on your own can become especially tedious in these final weeks. The videos in this series act as an alternative method of studying to ensure you avoid suffering from burnout and academic fatigue.  

The sessions are pre-recorded and will be released VERY SOON! Along with notes prepared for easy reference, each video will be divided into bite-sized parts, allowing students to watch the sessions at their own time and pace. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SPMFlix.com, Jennifer Low, has been heavily invested in discovering revolutionary ways to make education accessible to all: 

“Together with Founder, Raja Singham, we’ve specifically designed this SPM in 100 minutes series to guarantee the ultimate revision experience in the final weeks leading to your exams. 

All you need is a few days to target the particular subjects you may be struggling with. If you have questions or doubts after, head on over to our Tanya Cikgu chat and ask as many questions as you want!”  

The Alumni

Here’s what the SPMFlix.com alumni has to say about their experience utilising the portal in preparation for SPM:

“SPMflix is free. I was pleasantly surprised because the seminars were taught by very capable teachers. I found the Science classes particularly helpful to my studies and overall results.” Kamal Hafiz

“You guys are awesome. The videos really helped me, especially SPM Science. I scored 8A’s! Credits to SPMflix. Thanks for making the videos free and accessible.” Shawn Woon

“The videos for Sejarah and Chemistry were very helpful! The SPM Seminar has great tips for answering exam question.” Karen Song


Navigating through SPM is hard enough without a pandemic being thrown in the mix. I definitely could have swapped my constant loop of RnB music for guided recordings and bite-sized revision videos. 

If you and your friends are suffering from a similar predicament and think you can benefit from the SPM in 100 minutes series, head on over to SPMFlix.com to learn more! 

We hope to contribute in some capacity to your SPM journey, even if it’s just a query that was answered over on Tanya Cikgu!  

In this final push to the finish line, know that you are not alone in your pursuit of success. SPMFlix.com has your back!