Some Heart Warming Stories To Start The New Year

By Neal K

The start of a year usually results in many bright sparks around the world. There’s usually more desire and motivation to make positive changes, so here are some truly heart-warming examples to prod your own good heart.

Last year, for instance, there was Norway pledging a complete ban on fur farming in early January, with the hope that by 2025, all fox and mink farms in the Nordic country will be shut down.

As one of the world’s largest producers of fox fur, Norway would put a stop to the killing of around a million foxes and minks annually with this ban. Way to go, Norway!

Then there was Paige Hunter, a teenager in England who took the initiative to put a note of love on a bridge known as a suicide site.

Paige wanted to put a stop to that by attaching more than 40 supportive and positive messages and eventually, the local police reported that her notes have helped to save six lives.

If you know someone in a dark place, perhaps you too could remind them that they are not alone…

And here’s a story to inspire teachers facing desperate shortcomings.

Students at the Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High in Ghana had to learn Information and Communications Technology (ICT), but there was one big problem: they did not have working computers.

To overcome the predicament, teacher Richard Appiah Akoto got creative and drew a Microsoft Word window in intricate, amazing detail on the blackboard to help his students try to imagine how to use a computer!

He posted the photos on Facebook and the post quickly went viral, prompting Microsoft and several other benefactors to send computers to the school.

A seemingly small idea turned out to be the big step that brought great benefit to a school much in need. So, teachers, be inspired!