Soh Wai Ching Kicks off 2024 Season with Flair, Shattering Records in China

Source: Bernama

Soh Wai Ching Kicks off 2024 Season with Flair, Shattering Records in China

BY: Michelle Liew

The 2024 competitive season commenced on an exhilarating note as national tower runner Soh Wai Ching dominated the Qingdao Vertical Marathon in China, claiming victory with unparalleled style. Wai Ching's remarkable achievement in conquering the 81-story tower not only secured his position as the overall champion but also set a groundbreaking record, showcasing his exceptional prowess in the vertical running arena.

Ascending a staggering 2,121 steps, Wai Ching sprinted to the summit of the 331-meter-high tower in an astonishing 12 minutes and 17 seconds. This extraordinary feat not only secured his victory in the Qingdao Vertical Marathon but also shattered the previous championship record held by local runner Shi Ai Ai, who clocked in at 12 minutes and 45 seconds.

Expressing his joy and satisfaction, the 29-year-old champion stated, "Happy to emerge as the overall champion but most happy to be able to break the previous record because I really aimed to break the record. Thank you to everyone who gave support. I will maintain this fighting spirit throughout 2024."

Wai Ching's triumph in China solidifies his status as a formidable force in the world of tower running. The physically demanding discipline of scaling skyscrapers requires a unique blend of speed, endurance, and mental fortitude, qualities that Wai Ching possesses in abundance.

The Qingdao Vertical Marathon is renowned for its challenging course and has become a battleground for elite tower runners seeking to etch their names in the record books. Wai Ching's victory not only positions him as a dominant force in the sport but also serves as a testament to his relentless dedication to breaking barriers and setting new standards.

As the 2024 season unfolds, Wai Ching's stellar performance in China has undoubtedly set the tone for what promises to be an exciting and record-breaking year. With an unwavering fighting spirit and a track record of success, Soh Wai Ching is poised to continue his ascent to the pinnacle of tower running, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and inspiring aspiring athletes worldwide.