Snowboarder cum cross-fitter wins popular Korean Physical 100

Snowboarder cum cross-fitter wins popular Korean Physical 100

By: Patrick Beech

Popular Korean Netflix reality series, Physical 100 saw its season finale on Feb 21, with Woo Jin-yong walking away with the grand prize of 300 million KRW.

Woo Ji-yong

There were many dramatic and exciting moment during the course of the two episodes which began with 100 contestants.

These contestants included athletes, wrestler, trainers and fitness influencers, and saw a mix of men and women.

They participated in some of the toughest challenges to prove they were worthy of the title.

Cross-fitter and snowboard cross-player, Woo Ji-yong was born in 1986 and graduated from Chung-Ang University to become a physical education teacher early on.

He also attained his master's degree from the university's Graduate School of Physical Education. While life as a PE teacher went well, his career goals shifted after his mandatory military service as a Korean marine.

He discovered snowboarding when he was in Canada in 2007 for language training and it soon became a career from a mere hobby.

He went on to become an official snowboard instructor and began to expose himself to many snowcross boarding events and games.

Throughout his journey on Physical 100, Woo Jin-yong was a strong player, and was part of renowned MMA artist Choo Sung-hoon's team.

He reached the Top 5 after the fourth quest where he beat his fellow opponents in a tag race.

The challenges in Physical 100 tested the participants' teamwork, communication, strength, patience, and endurance, while every episode also witnessed a lot of drama that added more flavor to the series.

News of another season hasn't been announced yet.