SK Sri Petaling Students Spread The Spirit Of Deepavali To Underprivileged Peers

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It was a proud moment for headmistress, Noriah Mohamed when her students donated non-perishable food items to 50 other students of SK Sri Petaling.

The charity drive, an initiative by the Parent-Teacher Association’s welfare, health and safety unit of SK Sri Petaling was organised to help underprivileged students of the school in conjunction with Deepavali.

Speaking to The Star, Noriah expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming success of the project – “I was touched by the kindness of the parents and children who helped make this programme a success”.

“The food items were distributed to not only those celebrating Deepavali but other needy pupils as well. This shows the goodwill among Malaysians to help each other regardless of race or religion,” said the headmistress.

The front yard of SK Sri Petaling.Source: Precious steps of life

The front yard of SK Sri Petaling.Source: Precious steps of life

Noriah also pointed out that festive occasions provide a good opportunity to instill noble values in young children and students such as the ability to share and care for others.

The charity event which was held yesterday also saw the participation of parents who donated items such as milk powder, biscuits and Deepavali snacks.

Project spokesperson Sheila Chetty, expressed immense joy over the success of the event.

“As a society, we can all do amazing deeds with our peers. This project has proven that we can teach our children to share. There were even some children who brought one biscuit packet each to donate. It was heartening to see such generosity,” said Sheila.

Well done to the students of SK Sri Petaling! A small act of kindness goes a long way.


* Featured image sourced from The Star Online