Sister Sacrifices Her Own Health To Treat Brother’s Illness

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Unconditional love – in its simplest form means to love a person without limitations. The question then arises, how far are we willing to go for our loved ones?

In this regard, 24-year-old Wu Huayuan’s story is certainly an inspiring one. Growing up with her brother in China, the siblings were left orphaned at a very young age. Their mother had passed away when Huayuan was only four years old and her father lost his life to a life-threatening liver disease, Cirrhosis in 2014. To make matters worse, her brother was later diagnosed with a severe mental illness.

These series of unfortunate events can be very disheartening especially for someone as young as Huayuan. Yet, she was determined to carry on supporting her brother. In fact, she was willing to go the extra mile merely to afford her brother’s treatment.

Huayuan (centre) with her relatives.Source: HK01

Huayuan (centre) with her relatives.Source: HK01

To save costs, she only ate bread for lunch and dinner. Sometimes, it was even just plain rice with chili sauce. Unfortunately, Huayuan soon found herself with severe health issues. Weighing only 21 kilograms, Huayuan was severely malnourished to the extent that she appeared to look like a child.

Despite all the alarming signs, she still refused any treatments and focused on earning money for her brother’s treatment. Despite the odds, Huayuan was also in the midst of completing her third year in economics at a university in Guizhou, China.

She never gave up her pursuit to get an education while juggling two jobs and financing a loan.

Huayuan working as an assistant teacher.Source: HK01

Huayuan working as an assistant teacher.Source: HK01

Eventually things took a turn for the better as her family and friends managed to raise 200,000 yuan (RM 118, 580) for her surgery. It is comforting to know that Huayuan is on the road to recovery. Her brother was also determined to find work to ease their financial burden and support his sister’s medical fees.

While hard work is important, it pays to be healthy, too! Above all, don’t forget to count your blessings.


*Featured image sourced from HK01