Single mother of six who juggles numerous jobs to make ends meet

Jaiton Yahmin (left) with her children - Picture from NST

Single mother of six who juggles numerous jobs to make ends meet

By: Patrick Beech

A single mother of six has been juggling several jobs after her husband died three years ago, to make ends meet.

Jaiton Yahmin, 38, runs her own business, Sahajidah hai-o, while she also provides ride services to 15 primary school kids.

After her ride services from 3pm - 5pm, she sells nipah banana shoots and coconut leaves.

Her stable income comes from her daily ride services while the other two businesses are seasonal and when there is demand.

Given her busy schedule, Jaiton admitted that she hardly had quality time with her children except on Fridays and Saturdays.

"Apart from helping my kids with their school work, I also teach them how to cook rice, iron clothes, and do other menial chores. I believe God has blessed me with wonderful children. It is my duty to care for them. They are the only reason why I am working very hard."

Jaiton said that they were not big on celebrating Mother's Day yesterday, but on rare occasions, her eldest son, Muhammad Hakimi Hatta, 19, and the rest of his siblings would give her a Mother's Day card.

"When we did celebrate, I would go out and buy Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for the whole family,".

Muhammad Hakimi, the eldest, who is currently studying at Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM) in Ipoh, does not get to be with his family much and hopes to finish his studies soon and help lessen his mother's burdens.

"I wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day and may they be able to brave the hurdles of motherhood.

"For my mom, let's spend more time together and do visit me in Ipoh whenever you have the time!" said Hakimi.