Shalini, the Shining Sous-Chef


Shalini Devi Ganesan is the kind of person who doesn’t let the stares get to her too much. She was born with a genetic defect that affects her motor and muscle control called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) Type II. This doesn’t stop her from creating content with her mother, Sathiyanandthy, who is the producer and head chef on Shalini’s cooking show on YouTube, called Shalini Views.

Her success story is an inspiring one – which shows us that with the support of family and friends, anyone can chase their dreams and pursue whatever they are passionate about. In Shalini’s case, she found a way to share her views and ideas through her cooking show.

Now, her YouTube channel has 11,300 subscribers and she earns money from doing something she loves.

It’s easy to get amazed just by watching her videos because cooking has always been her passion. Her simple home-cooked dishes are the reasons why viewers find her content so relevant to them, ranging from recipes such as Kangkung Belacan to Kerang Tiram Daun Bawang.

Words of encouragement continue to pour in for Shalini. One netizen, Menaga Rajandram, commented “Hey sis, I tried this recipe today and everybody complemented me, thank you for sharing!” while another fellow Malaysian, dushantini balan said, “Not gonna lie!!! The food looks amazing and definitely you have a voice of an angel, sister.”

It’s pretty amazing to see Shalini rise above her disability as she continues to cook up a storm and inspire us one recipe at a time. If you are striving hard to make your dream a reality, then take a leaf out of Shalini’s book!

ou’re truly an inspiration, Shalini! Keep whipping up amazing recipes and we wish you much success.


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