Seven-year-old Praised for Dialling 999 After’s Mum’s Collapse

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BY: Michelle Liew

While it is important for children to rake in the knowledge that they learn in school, it is often overlooked at how important life skills may be for a child. This seven-year-old boy from Wales proved far brighter than his age as he managed to dial 999 when he found his mum unresponsive on the floor.

Sunny, hailing from Wrexham, was praised for his “outstanding courage and bravery” after the police arrived. The young boy called for an ambulance and stayed on the line until help arrived after his mother, Siobhan Roberts, had an epileptic seizure. Sunny was at home with his younger brother and sister at the time.

The 23-year-old mother taught Sunny how to call 999 for help in the event of emergencies due to her condition.

When the day came, she “couldn’t be prouder” of how her son dealt with the situation.

PC Emma Horne and PC Lydia Chapman were the first at the scene after receiving a call for assistance from the ambulance service.

"We don't often see many calls where a seven-year-old has been so brave to pick up the phone and call 999,” said PC Horne.

"Sunny is truly deserving of this reward for his outstanding courage and bravery, during what we could only imagine was a very scary time for him and his little sister."