Senior Citizen Finally Receives Identification Card After 83 Years

BY: Michelle Liew

After 83 years of living without any identification, senior citizen Wan Nab Ismail finally became a Malaysian citizen when she received her own birth certificate and identity card today.

She was classified as a disabled person (OKU) who had never been registered by either of her parents due to mental problems, contrasted from her deceased brother and sister.

Wan Nab, who now lives with her niece, Zaidah Ismail, 46, in Kampung Laut near Palekbang, received the identity card and birth certificate presented by the Director General of National Registration Datuk Ruslin Jusoh.

Also present were the Secretary of the National and Organization Registration Division Badrul Hisham Alias and Kelantan NRD Director Asrehan Ab Razak.

Meanwhile, Ruslin said that NRD Kelantan previously through the Sow People's Love Program (MEKAR) had gone into the field to verify the identity of Wan Nab who previously went viral on social media for living in poverty.

He said the NRD had carried out interrogations and obtained reports from related parties including the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) to identify Wan Nab's background in the matter of issuing identity documents based on the provisions of the law and office rules.

"The MEKAR program is a program that aims to provide services to at-risk groups, especially the elderly, disabled, homeless patients, mental patients, chronic patients and those who are unable to come to JPN.

"Wan Nab from now on will get all facilities based on qualifications as a citizen, especially assistance from JKM," he said.

Commenting further, Ruslin said his party will also hand over another birth certificate and identity card to a 16-year-old teenager in Kampung Padang Enggang, Kota Bharu, today.

He said that the teenager involved did not have any documents because they were not registered by their parents due to the fact that they were married in a neighbouring country.