Schools allowed to resume outdoor activities

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Schools allowed to resume outdoor activities

BY: Patrick Beech

Schools can resume their outdoor activities following a one-month suspension due to the hot weather.

According to the Education Ministry, the decision was made after the weather improved and it was safe for such activities to resume.

"The ministry has allowed outdoor activities to resume after factoring in all aspects to ensure the welfare, health and safety of students, teachers and others will not be at risk."

The ministry also outlined measures schools should implement for outdoor activities.

The measures include ensuring students' involvement is voluntary with parents' permission, encouraging students to wear light colour clothing, making sure students drink enough water, allowing extra rest time during outdoor activities and sufficient cooling down period and postponing all outdoor activities if the temperature surpasses 35°C.

Early last month, the Education Ministry ordered all institutions under its jurisdiction to suspend all outdoor activities effective May 3 due to the hot weather.

Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek said the circular was issued to prevent students and teachers from getting heatstroke. Schools can resume outdoor activities.