School makes into the MBOR for producing over 11,000 candles in a month

By: Patrick Beech

A school in Penampang, Sabah made it into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) recently for producing a total 11,474 candles in a month.

About 1,000 teachers and students of SM St Michael were involved in the project, which was the school's 11th attempt to get into the record book.

The number of candles, which were made using cooking oil was verified by MBOR official, Lee Pooi Leng.

According to the principal, Jennifer Asing, the project helped encourage students to think of creative ways to use waste or used material for environmental conservation.

"Everyone worked hard to get the candles ready. We appreciate the support that we got," Asing said, thanking parents who contributed glass jars, crayons, pandan leaf and used cooking oil.

Other parties that played a role in the project included the parent-teacher association, JCI Intan, GMB Auto and the Kampung Terawi community.