'Ravi Everest' out to set new record - two mountains in 24 hours

'Ravi Everest' out to set new record - two mountains in 24 hours

By: Patrick Beech

Malaysian veteran mountaineer, T. Ravinchandran @ Ravi Everest is looking to conquer two mountains exceeding the height of 8,000 metres in 24 hours.

He is currently holed up at the Mount Everest base camp waiting for the weather to clear.

According to reports in Malaysiakini, Ravichandran, who is on the Himalaya Sport Everest-Lhotse Expedition 2023, is out to set two new records for Malaysians.

If he successfully summits Mount Everest, he will be the first Malaysian to plant the country’s flag at the world’s highest peak three times, said the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR).

Ravichandran’s goal is to then summit Mount Lhotse - the world’s fourth-highest - within 24 hours of completing Mount Everest.

“If successful, he would be the first Malaysian to conquer both the eight-thousanders within 24 hours”, MBR said via email.

Everest and K2 are the world’s 14 highest peaks, recognised by the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation as mountains higher than 8,000 metres.

“Last year, I did Everest and Mount K2 within 72 days. This year I will try to finish faster,” he said.