Rasyidah Is First Ever Malay News Anchor To Read News In Mandarin!

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32-year-old Rasyidah Abu Johan recently made history when she became part of the Mandarin news anchor team on TV2. Her fluency in the language includes the ability to speak formal Mandarin like a pro!

Since joining the team on 26 January 2020, Rasyidah continues to impress many with her multilingual skills. She credits her fluency in Mandarin to her Chinese school education from primary school until secondary school. It comes as a surprise that her parents weren’t keen on sending her to a Chinese school if not for Rasyidah’s interest to master the Mandarin language.

Source: Harian Metro

Source: Harian Metro

According to Berita Harian, Rasyidah is grateful for all the well wishes from fellow Malaysians.

“Many Chinese viewers have supported me. Malay viewers, too. In light of the criticisms, I will still continue to read the news on the Mandarin news slot, as it has always been my dream to do so since joining RTM in 2011,” she told Berita Harian.

Rasyidah also recalls how much practice it took to finally make it as a Mandarin news presenter – “It took me 3 months to improve on pronunciation and speech in front of the camera”, she concludes.

To date, Rasyidah has gone live twice on TV2’s Mandarin news segment.

Kudos, Rasyidah!

You are the epitome of a multicultural and multiracial Malaysia!

*Featured image sourced from Oriental Daily