Putri Dahlia Receives MBOR Award for Song “Old Love”, BTS Jungkook Approves

Putri Dahlia Receives MBOR Award for Song “Old Love”, BTS Jungkook Approves

BY: Michelle Liew

Singer Putri Dahlia expressed gratitude when her song titled Old Love received The Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) Award.

The happy news was announced by Putri herself through the latest post on her Instagram account on Saturday.

According to Putri, the song received an award for “The Most Streams of A Spotify Song” category.

“This is the moment. Alhamdulillah, on 7 July 2023, OLD LOVE was the most streamed Spotify song in Malaysia, and we were rewarded The Malaysia Book Of Records. Yuji was 19 and I was 18 when this beautiful song was created.”

“Just 2 teenagers who had a dream and loved music, in their bedrooms, never would’ve thought I would achieve anything like this. I’m sorry I’m getting emotional, but this is huge for me, thank you for all the support from everyone. MALAYSIA’S RECORD OF MOST STREAMS.”

“It’s all thanks to all of you who enjoy the song, hope this song has changed lives, made some of you fall in love, some also used this song for proposals and confessions, we are happy to make music for you, hopefully this song will forever be in everyone’s heart , huge thanks to @yujikyunn for making this collab happen a year ago… now I’m going to go continue cry and leave this picture here.”

Putri who is also the daughter of singer, Datuk Nora Ariffin, expressed her excitement when her song was heard by a member of the famous K-Pop group, BTS Jungkook around last March. The Korean singer thanked his fans for the recommendation during a Live session on social media.

"Oh the song (Old Love) is good. ARMYs know many interesting songs. I will keep this song in my library," Jungkook said to his fans.