PUSPANITA JPN helps ease financial burden of its members

By Michelle Liew

In response to the plight of women, especially single mothers, affected by the current increase in the price of goods, the Association of Women and Members of the Malaysian Public Service (PUSPANITA) of the National Registration Department (JPN) will be introducing several initiatives to help ease the financial burden of its members.

The chairman of PUSPANITA JPN, Datin Nazirah Hamid, admitted that members under PUSPANITA JPN have also been affected by the rising prices of goods, and the economic situation of the country.

She said that in line with the objectives of the establishment, PUSPANITA will focus on continuosly improving the knowledge, skills and welfare of its members.

PUSPANITA JPN, which is an agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) has drawn up several initiatives that can help members in facing the current challenges. The association’s Economic Bureau provides an opportunity for affected groups to generate additional income in the department by providing 40 retail space sites around the NRD Headquarters building in Putrajaya which operates every Thursday.

This retail space is open to small traders, and PUSPANITA JPN members who are interested, especially those affected by the current economy, will have the opportunity to place goods for sale at stalls supervised by the secretariat without leaving their essential duties,” she stated as quoted from Berita Harian.

She said that so far, the response received from women traders have been very encouraging. Response from the public has also been promising due to the large number of people frequenting JPN, and the other government departments around the vicinity.

This is one of the many efforts by PUSPANITA JPN to help the needy.” she said.

Nazirah said, PUSPANITA JPN is also planning to conduct a food preparation course in collaboration with famous chefs soon.

This will hopefully improve the skills and food preparation knowledge of members, and they subsequently will have the opportunity to generate additional income. I hope this effort will help those who are interested in learning proper food preparation techniques and can then start a small business and generate side income.”

She also hopes that all women in this country will hop onto continuous learning, increasing their knowledge, reskilling and upskilling to increase their potential.

If women better equip themselves, they will surely be a more competitive lot, standing out in their own way, besides being able to avoid being oppressed by irresponsible parties.