Pushing The Idea of Patriotism With ‘Sayangi Malaysiaku’

By Lan KB

When Daniel Lim planned for a Merdeka video he needed to produce for IACT College, he had a message in mind that he wanted to tell his fellow Malaysians – that the best way to show their love for this country was by simply loving everyone in this country.

“I wanted to produce something that gives a different voice from what we’ve been hearing. When we talk about building this nation together, we can never forget that it has to come down to the very basic – that is, honoring and loving each other as fellow countrymen. ”

Daniel works as a content producer in the marketing team of IACT College. His portfolio includes producing videos, articles and graphics for social media platforms of the college.

‘Do I Sayang Malaysia’ is a video depicting four Malaysian college students, representing each majority race of the country. It takes the viewers on an emotional ride through spoken words.

The 5-minute video starts off by telling the surface values of what makes people love (or sayang) Malaysia as a country. It then explores further the under currents happening in the Malaysian society, and ends with the loud and clear message that calls upon all Malaysians to love this country by loving the people who make Malaysia, Malaysia.

“I wanted to present it in such a way because it has never been done before. National day celebration under the new ruling party this year seems to give a lot more freedom to explore sensitive issues we never dared to discuss openly.

“With a theme like ‘Sayangi Malaysiaku’ (Loving My Malaysia) this year, I jumped on the opportunity to push the idea of patriotism further.”

Daniel’s video was shortlisted and won the third prize in Harapan Baru Malaysia (New Hope for Malaysia) video competition, a national competition organised by Malaysians for Malaysia, an NGO that aims to foster racial harmony founded by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

His video was played at an afternoon tea function on Merdeka Day to esteemed guests that included Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh, former state exco Elizabeth Wong and Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah.

“It was surreal! I was so honored to see Tun Mahathir watching my video. I thank God for such an opportunity to share in what I believe in with the esteemed guests, and especially Tun Mahathir.”

Watch ‘Do I Sayang Malaysia’ here