Peyo’s Touch: Not Just Horsing Around

By Lan KB

This is a story of Peyo, a 14-year-old horse which meets patients and residents in retirement homes twice a month in Dijon, France, and brings them joy and serenity.

This unusual therapist, known for his amazing aptitude towards humans, helps to boost morale and bring smiles to those who need it most.

According to this report, routine contact with Peyo is improving patients’ mood.

Hassen Bouchakour, Peyo’s trainer from the Les Sabots du Coeur Association, says: “It is one of the most pure, honest, and sweet things.”

“They like each other very much without asking for anything else.”

Peyo meets patients and residents from pediatrics and palliative care unit, psychiatry and Alzheimer’s services. He also visits the elderly and end-of-life children at homes.

Watch below how Peyo forms immediate connections with everyone he comes across.

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Peyo, a horse at the bedside of his patients at the hospital