Patience and Perseverance is the Key to a Successful Business – Siti Noorhayati

Source: Awani

Patience and Perseverance is the Key to a Successful Business – Siti Noorhayati

BY: Michelle Liew

With a capital of only RM68, Siti Noorhayati Wan Abdullah never gave up hope of changing her family's life by starting a small business.

Starting the business in 2017, the mother of two tried her luck by selling MD2 pineapple juice at the Temporary Vendor Site in Seksyen 19, Shah Alam.

Despite starting off with a small capital which only allowed her to produce a jar of water from six pineapples, with perseverance she has now expanded his sales to the sale of several jars of drinking water and various fruits.

Thanks to several initiatives related to women and families implemented by the Selangor Government, including the Microcredit Scheme under Hijrah Selangor.

"I started with only RM2,000 (loan). When I paid off the loan, I applied for the second time. The second time I got a loan of RM10,000.

"I use this loan to add business items. I believe if we obtain loans for business, it is only right if we use it for the business and not personal use. So, we use it to add business items. As for the payment, I pay once a week," she said.

Sharing further, Noorhayati, 44, said that she intends to expand her business by having a more comfortable business site in the future.

"For me, to further develop my business, I need a stall due to my age. I want a stall to sell water and fruits. It will make it easier for my business to grow," she said again.

Since July 2022, the State Government has put together 47 programs under Iltizam Selangor Penyayang (ISP) that benefit the people of Selangor and focus on easing the burden of the low-income group (B40).

It covers the Selangor Citizen Empowerment Initiative as many as 12 initiatives, the Selangor Health Initiative (11 initiatives), the Selangor Education Initiative (eight initiatives), the Selangor Housing Initiative (seven initiatives), the Selangor Entrepreneurship Initiative (four initiatives) and the Selangor Child Friendly Initiative (five initiatives).