Optimus Prime Invades First Day Of School As Transformers, Mickey And a T-Rex Spotted

Transformers Autobots Optimus Prime during day time

It has never been an easy task for parents to send their little ones off on their first day of school.

As school reopened yesterday for pre-schoolers, Standards One and Two, it was unlike in previous years as parents and teachers had to deal with the new normal in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teachers around the country had to resort to various tactics to make students more welcome, with some seeking the help of “superheroes” to ease tensions.

SK Kubang Kerian sought the help of the much-loved Transformers to welcome the little ones on their first day, while other mascots like Mickey Mouse and T-Rex were also at service to make the day a fun experience.

Efforts by the school quickly won praises and videos of the characters have been making rounds on social media.

“Good initiative everyone! Well done to the teachers and the schools for their effort. Hopefully, everything goes well and you guys are keeping the schools safe for the kids,” said one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user said her kid was kicking up a fuss to go to school but was totally excited and eager when he saw a “T-Rex” at the door.