Newlyweds have photoshoots taken with animals at Zoo Negara

Pictures from Zoo Negara Facebook

Newlyweds have photoshoots taken with animals at Zoo Negara

BY: Patrick Beech

Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding, which includes an ideal photoshoot after tying the knot.

However, Muhammad Ikmal Hakim Norman, 25, and his wife, Juni S. Susantie Herman, 43, wanted something different and opted to do their photoshoot at Zoo Negara.

Juni said it was a last-minute decision as her husband suddenly suggested to have their wedding photos taken with the animals.

According to reports, after taking several shots, someone approached them saying that Zoo Negara’s Vice President wanted to meet them.

Vice President, Datuk Rosly @ Rahmat Ahmat Lana, said he was happy that they chose the zoo to celebrate their big day at the zoo and invited them to come the next day with their wedding attire and granted them free admission.

The next day, they were treated like VIPs and there were even people playing the music to celebrate them, and many visitors who came there took photos with the couple.

“On top of that, Zoo Negara prepared lunch for us, allowed us access to take photos closer to the animals, and we got VIP seats during the animal show,” Juni said.

The whole event also triggered Zoo Negara to launch a package for other couples to have their wedding photoshoot at the zoo.

Newlywed couples who come with their full wedding attire will gain free admission to the zoo, while their entourage will receive a 20% discount.