New features from WhatsApp to further enhance user safety

By: Patrick Beech

Data privacy and the safety of users is something all social media application users desire.

In view of this, various features have been introduced, including the "view once" and disappearing videos and photos which are commonly used on various platforms these days.

To further enhance safety and privacy features, WhatsApp is introducing something new to block screenshots and screen recordings for "view once" images and videos.

Recent reports said with this feature, there will be a message from WhatsApp saying that the capture was blocked for added privacy should anyone attempt to take a screenshot or record the content.

The final screenshot or screen recording will also show this alert instead of the actual content.

However, according to, people may still use another device to record, capture these messages, and in this case, there is no feature to notify the user that a screenshot or recording was done.

The feature has been released to some beta testers. In case you don’t have this feature, please wait for the next few updates.