National climber, Ravichandran, First Malaysian to conquer K2!

By Patrick Beech

T.Ravinchandran, a national climber who is also a person with disabilities (PwD) has become the first Malaysian to raise the Jalur Gemilang at the K2 summit in Pakistan – the world’s second highest mountain.

The 57-year-old along with five other world-class solo climbers, accompanies by five sherpas (mountain guides) conquered the 8,611 metre-high K2 about 10.50am local time last Friday.

Ravichandran said his success was his gift to all Malaysians in conjunction with the upcoming August 31 National Day celebrations.

Love for the country, living in peace and harmony, these are the keys to unity instilled in me that proved to be a source of strength for me in facing the difficulties throughout the climb.

Thanks also to my wife… you are the pillar of strength to my success. Not forgetting the prayers of my family, friends, sponsors and Malaysians that inspired me to reach the summit,” he said in a WhatsApp message. 

He also said that being a PwD was not a hindrance to him- instead, it proved that even a disabled person could become strong and on par with those who are normal.

It is not impossible to rise again after falling. That’s the experience I gained from my climb on this expedition. This is my gift to the people of Malaysia. Merdeka!