My Gaya Month Celebrates Local Fashion and Aspiring Designers

Source: Kosmo

My Gaya Month Celebrates Local Fashion and Aspiring Designers

BY: Michelle Liew

Malaysia has produced great talents in the field of fashion who are not only famous within the country but have successfully made a name for themselves globally.

Thus, as one of the efforts to celebrate new talents in the fashion industry, a fashion show was launched recently at the Fahrenheit 88 shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur.

My Gaya Month is an annual event that celebrates Malaysian creativity and artistry while promoting local brands and talent. It was organized by the Malaysian Bumiputra Designers Association (MBDA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Cost of Living (KPDN).

The fashion show was organized by MBDA to support the Malaysian Buy Goods Campaign (KBBM) 2023 under the co-organisation of KPDN.

It brings together interesting designs by 31 fashion designers who represent fashion leaders in Malaysia.

Among the brands involved are Izwani, Elham Echenta, Ghadeez, Awear, Lady Qomash and also designs by students of the University of Technology Mara (UiTM) and also students majoring in fashion at the Management and Science University (MSU).

These designers have the opportunity to showcase their collections at the MGM 2023 stage where the event highlights creativity, artistry and handwork as well as the diversity of ideas that reflect the fashion landscape and identity in Malaysia.

MBDA president, Rasta Rashid said, the annual event aims to focus on Malaysian products and brands, especially for a range of fashion products including clothes and accessories.

KBBM is implemented to achieve its objective which is to increase the spirit of patriotism among Malaysians towards goods and services made in Malaysia as well as stimulate domestic economic growth by increasing the purchase of local goods.

Rasta added, the event is also a festival of Malaysian creativity and skills that celebrates fashion designers, entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts from various walks of life.