After not seeing their mother for a total 578 days, two children were finally reunited when she returned home to Malaysia recently.

To mark her safe return via the Singapore-Malaysia Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL), her overjoyed husband presented her with a bouquet of flowers before driving her home to meet the kids.

Once back home, the husband went into the house as normal while the wife remained outside.


He then distracted their two daughters while the mother stepped into view at the front gate.

Within second, the younger daughter spotted her mummy before both the girls ran to hug their mother.

The younger girl was not even a year old when her mother left to work in Singapore.

Soon after the woman’s mother also runs to hug her daughter and starts to cry, followed by the woman’s younger sister also.

It was indeed a wonderful, tearful reunion between the family after being apart for such a long period.

According to reports about 141,000 Malaysians were stuck in Singapore as of December last year following the border closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.