Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' revolution turns 40

By: Patrick Beech

Having sold more than 100 million copies worldwide since its release on Nov 30, 1982, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" will be 40 years old next week.

It consecrated Jackson as the "King of Pop" and his music currently ranks 60th in the world on Spotify with 36.7 million monthly streams.

Much of the magic on "Thriller" is thanks to producer Quincy Jones, who had worked with Jackson on 1979's "Off the Wall."

According to reports, there will also be a documentary on "Thriller" which will focus on the legendary pop album and its accompanying short films that impacted the traditional music video format.

The upcoming documentary will feature never-before-seen footage and interviews about Thriller, focusing on Jackson becoming a global superstar.

Since its release, "Thriller" went on to win eight Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, and became the number-one best-selling album of all-time.

Not only did "Thriller" see Jackson turn into a werewolf and bring the living dead out of their graves, but it launched a whole new branch of the music business – extravagant and ambitious videos that came to define the next two decades of pop culture.