Mattel to produce Proton Saga Hot Wheels

By: Patrick Beech

As kids, many of us were very fond of Hot Wheels toy cars produced by Mattel Inc and often collected as many as we could.

Recently, Mattel announced an interesting partnership with local car maker Proton to produce a 1:64 scale model of our ever-beloved national car, the Proton Saga.

According to Mattel Inc president and chief commercial officer Steve Totzke, the partnership was to commemorate its 40th anniversary in Malaysia.

The 1985 Saga or better known as the first-generation Proton Saga is the Proton vehicle that has been produced the longest, lasting more than 22 years before being eventually replaced by the second-generation Saga in early 2008.

Totzke said the Proton Saga was the first car from a Malaysian automotive brand and, therefore, played a pivotal role in the growth of Malaysia's economy as it was the car that put Malaysians on wheels.

This new Hot Wheels model is expected to start shipping and be sold worldwide next year.